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Caring for your trees is important. Not only do trees provide wind barriers and beauty in your garden, but they also filter the air and provide our oxygen. When their health deteriorates due to disease, decay or pests, or they are overgrown, it is imperative that you take note and implement a timely remedy.

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When it comes to hiring a tree surgeon or an arborist, do you know what to look for? Some people decide they can be their own arborist. Unfortunately, these are often the same people that find themselves in their local Accident and Emergency department. Others take a seemingly better route and decide to hire the cheapest tree care. Either choice may result in injury or damage to individuals and property. Know the risks of choosing the cheapest quote for tree maintenance and make sure you hire the right arboricultural company.

4 Risks of Choosing the Cheapest Quote for Your Tree Maintenance Needs

Before you accept the lowest quote, consider these risks:

  • Safety may not be paramount to amateurs: A professional tree surgeon’s focus will be on safety – their safety, your safety, the tree’s safety, and the safety of objects and property in the surrounding area. They will be concerned with power lines, structures, and vehicles. A non-professional might not take all of this into consideration.
  • Lower quotes may indicate lack of experience: It is important that your arborist has experience working with and around trees. If the specialist cannot discuss the merits of tree reduction or crown thinning and only suggests “topping” the trees, you may be working with someone lacking experience. This potentially leaves you liable for damage to your neighbour’s home or health from falling branches and diseased trees.
  • Specialised education is not important to hobbyists: Obtaining further education such as a Diploma in Arboriculture indicates that your tree surgeon is invested in their career. If you are considering an expert without certifications or diplomas, it is a good idea to check deeper into their qualifications.
  • Lone wolf without a team: Business owners who care about their field and their customers will seek out the company of other professionals. An arborist who is not interested in joining a professional association is not interested in growing.

Gathering quotes for your tree maintenance needs is smart. Choosing a tree surgeon based on price alone is, however, not wise. Always consider the risks of accepting the lowest bid just because you want to save money.

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