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Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in your garden enjoying nature as birds twitter and chirp, searching for a meal or a mate. Maybe a gentle breeze rustles the leaves and your sunhat.

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Nothing beats the feel of the summer warmth on your skin, as long as the sunshine can get through the canopy of trees overtaking your garden.

Overgrown trees can impede the growth of smaller bushes and flowers, not to mention, suffocate other trees in your garden. Proper garden care will result in many seasons of enjoyment for both you and your foliage. You can do some of the pruning yourself, but to ensure proper pruning, seek the expertise of an experienced arborist.

4 Tips for Proper Summer Tree Pruning

If you are ready to pull out the pruning shears and let the light shine back into your garden, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Know your tree: It is important that you know what kinds of trees you have in your garden before you take out your snips or hedge trimmers. For example, pruning an Prunus tree is better done in mid/late summer. This will avoid “silver leaf disease”.
  • Know the condition of your trees: Pruning to cut away diseased limbs is good for the overall health of your garden. Sometimes the whole plant may need to be removed. If you are unsure about the health of your trees, an arborist can help with a tree health assessment.
  • Know that it is okay for your tree to “bleed”: Just like when you cut your finger it bleeds, a tree will “bleed” sap at the cut site. Avoid the desire to help the tree heal at the cut site. The tree will seal off the injury just like the cut on your finger will clot. Let Nature take its course.
  • Know your pruning limitations: While it may be easy to whip out the lopper to snip some straggling lower branches, care should be taken on larger or high limbs which should be pruned by a tree expert. Additionally, never try to reduce a tree yourself unless it has been surveyed first.

Summer is a perfect time to put on the gardening gloves and boots, and give your garden a healthy lift. When you take the time to know your trees and the best pruning practices, you will have an inviting garden that is the envy of the neighbourhood.

Enjoy the summer time! Contact Treescapes NI for your tree pruning needs.

You can get in touch with Treescapes NI online or call us via Freephone at 0800 069 9738, Landline at 0289 070 5161, or Mobile at 07773 818 174 for comprehensive tree care services in the Belfast, Northern Ireland area. If you have more questions, please read our FAQ page.

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