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Trees are invaluable to our environment. They filter air, provide shelter for wildlife, and give us shade on a sunny day. It would be easy to forget that trees, like all living organisms, require careful maintenance to remain in optimal health. Even healthy trees can lose branches once in a while.

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When a tree gets sick, is infested with destructive pests, or is damaged by weather, it poses a safety hazard. Unless you are a seasoned tree observer, you may have no idea what to look for in your trees. You might think your tree is fine, but the fungal growth at the base of the tree tells a different tale. There may also be prior storm damage affecting your tree’s stability. If in doubt, you need the expertise of a professional tree surgeon.

4 Reasons to Request a Professional Tree Health Assessment

Having your trees professionally inspected on a regular basis is important. Here are 4 reasons why:

  • A professional can tell if a tree is healthy: Even if you have been enjoying your trees for decades, it can be hard to tell if a beloved tree is still healthy. A health assessment can determine if missing bark is the result of disease or a dead tree. It will even be able to show if there are pests killing your tree.
  • A professional can tell if a tree needs removal: Occasionally, damage to a tree can go unnoticed. If there is storm damage or decay, the tree may have a structural weakness and needs to be removed. An arborist is trained to see the nuances between damage and disease.
  • A professional can tell when a tree needs pruning: Pruning your trees is also important for their long-term growth. When you obtain a tree assessment this summer, your arborist can tell you which trees need to be pruned and the best way to take care of them.
  • A professional knows the TPOs in your area: Some trees may have a tree preservation order (TPO) that prevents you from cutting down or even lopping a tree. With a professional tree assessment, you will know with confidence what can be done to maintain your trees covered by a TPO.

Leaving the health of your trees to chance is a risky way to manage them. By hiring an arboricultural company, you provide protection for your trees and secure your own peace of mind.

Take the time today to contact Treescapes NI for your summer tree health assessment and ensure that your foliage is well looked after.

Reach out to Treescapes NI online or call us via Freephone at 0800 069 9738, Landline at 0289 070 5161, or Mobile at 07773 818 174 for comprehensive tree care services in the Belfast, Northern Ireland area. You can also read our FAQ page for more information.

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